Every construction project is as different as the client’s needs.  Despite their differences, in all cases, construction projects are always driven by three fundamental parameters; schedule, cost and quality, which are in turn defined and influenced by the client’s needs and wants, operating and economic environment and financial capacity and resources.  Our primary objective at the outset of a construction project is to identify and prioritize the client’s needs and requirements with respect to each of these three parameters.  Our team then develops and implements an optimized strategy to respond to the client’s needs and priorities so as to deliver a quality construction in the most timely, cost effective and efficient manner.  All challenges are met head on by our experienced in-house construction team working hand in hand with our expanded team of sub-contractors, suppliers, manufactures and consultants with whom we have long standing established relationships.  We optimize the value of every construction project by streamlined execution schedules, creative, durable and cost effective solutions with the highest regard to environmental sustainability, worksite safety and above all, a quality that consistently surpasses the client’s expectations!  Our services can be delivered to our clients in one of the following forms:

Project and Construction Management ; Design Build ; Stipulated Fixed price ; Time & Material

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